Model A-MX-707

Mixed Hot/Cold Water with Manual Adjuster

Auto Faucet
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Installation Manual













Power Supply


DC 6V (AA Size x 4 pcs Alkaline Batteries)

AC Class  220V/6V Transformer

Power Consumption

0.0006 W

Recommended Water Pressure

10 ~ 125 PSI (0.5 ~ 8.5 kgf/ cm2 )

Hot Water Temperature

Max. Temp: 60

Suggestion Temp:  40

Cold Water Temperature

Min. Temp: 1

Suggestion Temp:  5

Recycle Service Life

350,000-500,000 Times

Sensor Distance

Adjustable Range from 5 to 25 cm (30 x 30 board)

Utility of Batteries’ Life

It is tested & calculated by its average applying uses for 4,000 times against per month, and its routine daily uses can let the batteries life reach over to 1 year.

Nominated Water Flow L/min

6.24 L/min (Dynamic Pressure: 1.0 kgf/ cm2 )


Dimension: 15 x 16 x 8.5 cm

Net Weight

Weight: 2.3 kgs



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